An Atomic Database for Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Astrophysical Plasmas.

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George Mason University (USA) - University of Michigan (USA) - University of Cambridge (UK) - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (USA)

Detailed Documentation of the CHIANTI IDL procedures

Continuum:       procedures for calculating the free-free, free-bound and two-photon continuum

Convert:       utility procedures for various conversions

Dem:       procedures for calculating the differential emission measure (DEM)

Em:       a procedure

Emiss:       procedures for calculating line emissivities

Ionrec:       procedures for calculating ionization cross sections and rates, recombination rates, and ionization equilibria

Level population:       procedures for calculating and plotting level populations

Ratios:       procedures for calculating line intensity ratios as a function of density and temperature

Read:       utility procedures for reading the various files in the database

Read:       Sets up system variables for the CHIANTI routines

Synt_spec:       Calculate synthetic spectra

Utilities:       Various utilities