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 Project     : CHIANTI

       CHIANTI is an atomic database package for the calculation of
       continuum and emission line spectra from astrophysical plasmas. It is a 
       collaborative project involving the Naval Research Laboratory
       (Washington DC, USA), the Arcetri Observatory (Firenze, Italy), and the
       Cambridge University (United Kingdom).
 Name        : USE_CHIANTI
 Purpose     : Sets up system variables for use of CHIANTI routines
 Explanation : The  CHIANTI software uses system variables
               that have to be defined. This routine is called by the 
               CHIANTI routines if these system variables are not defined.

               ** If one is using the solar-soft package, these should 
               already be defined*****.

               ** If the CHIANTI package is used as stand-alone, then 
               this routine can be used for the setup with e.g.:


               if /home/data/chianti/ points to the actual place where 
               the CHIANTI top directory is.

 Use         : IDL> use_chianti, '/home/data/chianti/', $
                                 [ioneq= , abund=]
 Inputs      : None
 Opt. Inputs : The full pathname of the CHIANTI top directory.
 Outputs     : None
 Opt. Outputs: None
 Keywords    : IONEQ  - to define the default ionization eq. file to be used.
               ABUND  -  to define the default abundance file to be used.

 Calls       : None

 Common      : None
 Restrictions: None
 Side effects: None
 Category    : 
 Prev. Hist. : Based on use_dere_chianti, written by C D Pike, RAL

 Written     : Giulio Del Zanna (GDZ)  DAMTP  (University of Cambridge, UK) 
 Modified    : Version 1, GDZ 10-Oct-2000
               Version 2, GDZ 10-Jan-2001
               added the definition of the !abund_file

               V. 3, GDZ, 2-May-2002 Modified substantially, adding a new
               system variable.

               V.4, 10-July-2002 GDZ
                 Removed the definition of !chianti_top, upon request.

               V.5, 25-July-2002, GDZ 
                Fixed a problem with IDL versions earlier than 5.3 (the routine
                would not compile). ALso, introduced the use of concat_dir for
                cross-platform compatibility.
               V.6, 06-Aug-02 GDZ
                 Changed the use of CHIANTI system variables. Added comments on
                 the which CHIANTI version is used.
               V.7 12-Aug-02 GDZ Changed default abundance file. Removed '***'
               V.8, GDZ 13-Feb-2003
                   Changed default ioneq  file, to include ALL the elements.

               V.9,  12-Aug-2005, GDZ 
                   Changed default ioneq file from mazzotta_etal_ext to 
                   mazzotta_etal_9.ioneq where ion fractions have been extended
                   up to 10^9 K. This is useful to avoid steps in the
                   emissivities at high-temperatures.

               V.10,  19-Sept-2005, GDZ 
                   made last version backward-compatible.

               v.11, 3-Jun-2009, GDZ 
                   made the new v.6 ioneq the default.

 Version     : V.11,  3-Jun-2009

(See setup/use_chianti.pro)