An Atomic Database for Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Astrophysical Plasmas.

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George Mason University (USA) - University of Michigan (USA) - University of Cambridge (UK)

Download CHIANTI

The CHIANTI package is currently distributed in two ways: We recommend you to use CHIANTI within SolarSoft and to setup automatic upgrades. It is easy to follow the instructions to download and setup the package.

If you use CHIANTI as a stand-alone package

You should download the following files:

CHIANTI_8.0.10_pro_standalone.tar.gz - CHIANTI IDL procedures, version 8.0.10 [Updated: 22 November 2017 ]

CHIANTI_8.0.7_data.tar.gz - Version 8.0.7 of the CHIANTI atomic database. [Updated: 22 November 2017]

Once you download the files, please follow the instructions for installation.

For more details on using CHIANTI, please consult the CHIANTI User Guide.

If you use CHIANTI through SolarSoft

If you use CHIANTI through SolarSoft, please follow the instructions for installation.

If you use CHIANTI through Python

If you use the Python CHIANTI application ChiantiPy, the most up-to-date version of ChiantiPy is now on GitHub.
It is also available on the Python Package Index PyPI.