An Atomic Database for Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Astrophysical Plasmas.

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George Mason University (USA) - University of Michigan (USA) - University of Cambridge (UK) - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (USA)

CHIANTI consists of a critically evaluated set of up-to-date atomic data, together with user-friendly programs written in Interactive Data Language (IDL) and Python to calculate the spectra from astrophysical plasmas.

The CHIANTI package is freely available.
If you use the package, we only ask you to appropriately acknowledge CHIANTI .

- The Chianti wine-producing area of Tuscany, Italy -

CHIANTI Team Receives NASA Group Achievement Award! (March 2024)

The CHIANTI team has been awarded a NASA Agency Honor Award in the Group Achievement category "for outstanding contributions to the scientific productivity of NASA missions and the creation of a uniquely valuable tool for spectroscopic scientists worldwide."

CHIANTI IDL version 10.2.1 released, December 2023

The IDL CHIANTI distribution has been updated to version 10.2.1. The distribution includes two new routines and updates to 16 routines. Changes include bug-fixes for the continuum calculation when there are a large number of bins, and improvements to the line list print-outs from ch_ss.

Solarsoft users should update their distribution to receive the new updates. Users of the standalone database should visit the Download page to access the new version.

The database remains the same, and the current distribution is 10.1.

We are grateful to individual scientists and funding agencies for their support.