An Atomic Database for Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Astrophysical Plasmas.

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George Mason University (USA) - University of Michigan (USA) - University of Cambridge (UK) - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (USA)

CHIANTI is an ongoing collaboration involving the George Mason University, the University of Michigan (USA), the University of Cambridge (UK) and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (USA). This collaboration is made possible only with the support of funding agencies in the United States and Europe, and the help of individual scientists outside the CHIANTI consortium.

We acknowledge financial support for CHIANTI v.10 via the following grants:

We acknowledge previous financial support via the following grants:

We are grateful to the individual scientists who made available to us the electronic files of their calculations. These include:

N. Badnell, M. O’Mullane (University of Strathclyde, UK)
M. Bautista (Western Michigan University, USA)
A.K. Bhatia (GSFC, USA)
J. Dubau (Univ. Paris)
M.F. Gu (Stanford, USA)
T. Kato (TU)
G. Liang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
J. Pelan, C.A. Ramsbottom, K. Bell, C. Ballance (QUB, UK)
U.I. Safronova (IS/RAS)
D.H. Sampson (PSU)
P.J. Storey (UCL, UK)
S.S. Tayal (Clark Atlanta University, USA)
K.G. Widing (NRL, USA)
W.L. Wiese, W.C. Martin, A. Musgrove and T. Shirai (NIST)
M.C. Witthoeft (CUA/GSFC, USA)
O. Zatsarinny (Drake University, USA)
H.L. Zhang and A.K. Pradhan (OSU, USA)