An Atomic Database for Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Astrophysical Plasmas

USER GUIDE - Version 5.0 - 4 August 2005
Written by Giulio Del Zanna
with contributions from Peter Young and the team members.

3  The CHIANTI distribution and installation

CHIANTI is currently distributed in two ways.

3.1  Within SolarSoft

The main CHIANTI distribution is within SolarSoft, a programming and data analysis environment for the solar physics community. See for details on how to download and install the package.

The database and the software are organised in a self-contained package


with the following tree structure:

dbase/    (database)
doc/      (documentation, in particular the USER GUIDE)
idl/      (IDL software)
setup/    (supplementary setup files)

The contents of the SolarSoft CHIANTI package are mirrored daily from a master tree. Normally, only small fixes to the existing software can occur rather frequently.

All modifications to the software are logged in the $SSW/packages/chianti/idl/HISTORY file.

Modifications to the database are much less frequent. They are described in the
$SSW/packages/chianti/dbase/README_CHIANTI file.

We send an e-mail to the CHIANTI user group every time we make a minor release of the database available.

We recommend that you use CHIANTI within the SolarSoft framework and that you setup in your site a mirror in order to have automatic upgrades.

Once the SSW package is installed, to run the CHIANTI routines all you need to do is

 unix> setssw chianti 
 unix> sswidl 

or to add the CHIANTI package once in SSW:

 unix> sswidl 
 sswidl> ssw_packages,/chianti

3.2  As a stand-alone

CHIANTI is also distributed on the WWW, as tar files, via one the CHIANTI WWW pages. The tar files have a similar tree structure as the SolarSoft distribution.

E.g. the data are in CHIANTI_5.0_data.tar that contains a copy of $SSW/packages/chianti/dbase.

CHIANTI_5.0_pro.tar contains doc/, a copy of $SSW/packages/chianti/doc/ and idl/, a copy of $SSW/packages/chianti/idl/, plus idl/gen/, a copy of a subset of the $SSW/gen/ routines. This is because some routines of the $SSW/gen/ directory are needed to run some of the CHIANTI programs.

CHIANTI is a package, in the sense that database and progams are to be used together. The current version of the database should be used with the current version of the programs.

Download the CHIANTI files

Download the CHIANTI data tar file (e.g. CHIANTI_5.0_data.tar.gz) and the CHIANTI IDL procedures tar file (e.g. CHIANTI_5.0_pro.tar.gz) and put the tar files into a directory (for example, /data1/chianti/dbase for the data and /data1/chianti/ for the software) and then do the following:

unix> gunzip [file_name].tar.gz
unix> tar xvf [file_name].tar

This will copy all the CHIANTI data files into /data1/chianti/dbase and create the /data1/chianti/idl and /data1/chianti/doc/ directories.

Define the IDL paths and the system variables

To run any CHIANTI IDL procedure, the following is needed:

There are many ways of doing the above. We suggest the following. Place the following statements in your IDL_STARTUP file:

Unix users (assuming that the IDL procedures are in /data1/chianti/idl and the data files are in /data1/chianti/dbase ):

 !PATH = '+/data1/chianti/idl:'+!PATH
 use_chianti, '/data1/chianti/dbase'

Windows users (assuming that the IDL procedures are in C:\data1\chianti\idl and the data files are in C:\data1\chianti\dbase ):

!PATH = '+C:\data1\chianti\idl;'+!PATH
use_chianti, 'C:\data1\chianti\dbase'

The '+' and the EXPAND_PATH are needed since the IDL routines are organised into subdirectories.

use_chianti also allows you to set your default abundance and ionization equilibria files with the abund and ioneq keywords.

If you do not have an IDL STARTUP file you can create it (say ~/.idl\_startup), and add in your .login file (Unix):

setenv IDL_STARTUP ~/.idl_startup

(Note that the changes to the .login file mean that you should do a source ~/.login before running IDL).

After following the above steps, it will be possible to run the CHIANTI routines from any directory by simply starting IDL.

Alternatively, instead of using use_chianti, '/data1/chianti/dbase', you have to make sure you have in your IDL STARTUP file something like this:

 !PATH = '+/data1/chianti/idl:'+!PATH
defsysv,'!xuvtop', '/data1/chianti/dbase'
defsysv,'!ioneq_file', !xuvtop+'/ioneq/mazzotta_etal.ioneq'

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